Paris photographers

France photo tours is run by seasoned Paris photographers who know the city very well.

Olivier Ffrench

Olivier Ffrench has lived in the city of lights for more than ten years. When he became a photography enthusiast, he naturally chose to include Paris in his main subjects. 

He runs a website called France in photos, showcasing his work and giving some useful photography tips.

Olivier started his Paris photo guide activity in 2010 and has helped very different photographers make their trip a success.

  • Gear used: Canon EOS 5D Mk II + assorted lenses
  • Favorite subjects: architecture, cityscapes, churches, statues
  • Proficient in: wide angle shots, night photography, Paris anecdotes

Michel Planson

An independant photographer for years, Michel has been active in photo clubs, including the famous French railways club. He has made several exhibitions of his work. The first one was in 1980 with a display of photos of the Venice carnival. The latest one took place in the city of Münsingen (Switzerland) with a display of his photos of Paris.

He has been living in Paris for a long time and likes the city and its stories, its colors, lights and inhabitants. He joined France Photo Tours to share this with Paris visitors.

  • Gear used: Nikon D300 and an assortment of lenses
  • Favorite subjects: architecture, landscapes, people, street photography
  • Proficient in: portraits, composition, touch ups and image postwork

David Law

David Law is an independant artist living in Paris. He has done exhibits for galleries on various themes such as Girls in Town or Pretty Dolls. David is specialized in portraits and attracted by reflexive surfaces such as water, plastic or mirrors.
He is the man for portrait sessions and will turn you into a model for their duration.  

You may find more info about him on his website.  

  • Gear used: Nikon D90, wide angle ad 300mm
  • Favorite subjects: portraits, faces, blurred backgrounds and architecture
  • Proficient in: photoart, model direction