Eiffel tower photo tour

The classic among classics. The Eiffel tower is the Paris landmark you do not want to miss. This tour will also give you the opportunity to capture the main sights of the area.

Typical itinerary

  • Pont Alexandre 3
  • Esplanade des Invalides
  • Invalides courtyard
  • Back of the Invalides
  • Champ de Mars
  • Underneath the Eiffel tower
  • Iena bridge
  • Trocadero

Time of day

Day tour

Night tour

Our advice

This tour incorporates several different landmarks of western Paris as well as the tower itself. It can be done as an evening / night tour, in which case the itinerary can be changed a bit, depending on which area you want to get in the "blue hour".


Day or night tour (approx. 3 hours) € 120

Prices are per active photographer in a group. 
You can bring along a non-photographer friend for free.

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