Photo tour FAQ

Here you will find answers to the most common questions you may ask yourself about our tours.

Photo tour price and payment

Our rates

Day tour or night tour (approx. 3 hours) € 120
Portrait session (approx. 2 hours) € 190

Prices for photo tours are per active photographer in a group. You can bring along a non-photographer friend for free. 
Custom tours with longer or shorter durations can be made upon demand.

Portrait sessions are private.


Payment should be made before the beginning of the tour, either:

  • By Paypal
  • In cash (at the start of the session)


If you need an invoice :

  • let us know in advance
  • give us your full postal coordinates


We ask you to cancel at least one day before the tour. In that case we will refund you entirely.

How many persons in a group?

We only guide very small groups of 5 active photographers maximum

Booking process

  1. You register with the online form, specifying on which days you will be in France
  2. We agree on:
    • The day and time for the tour
    • Your location(s) of choice
    • The place where we will meet and a contact phone number
    • What you need for the tour (tripod or other gear)
  3. We will then meet in a specific place and proceed to the location we agreed upon.

Day or night tour?

Day photo tours will typically span for an afternoon: from 2pm to 6pm for instance.
But this can change depending on the season (can be earlier in Winter for instance)

Night photo tours will start 2 hours before sunset. It will therefore depend on the season. 

Sunset and sunrise time are based on the ones found on the meteo France website. 

Is the tour suitable for novice photographers?

Yes, absolutely. 

We like to make sure you will take back the best photos you can make during our tour. We both like to teach and will be glad to share our knowledge with you. 

What kind of camera do I need?

Preferably a Single Lens Reflex (SLR), but to be honest, any type of camera will do.

We have already made photo tours with people using compact cameras and they made great photos.

Make sure, however:

  • That you know how to use it thouroughly 
  • That it has a tripod screw if you want to make night photography

What do we do if the weather is bad?

If the weather turns to rain or snow, we will agree with you on:

  • finding an adapted itinerary with sheltered areas OR
  • postponing the tour 

Is it possible to rent photo gear from you?


But if you need a tripod, or some other equipment, we will gladly lend it to you for the duration of the tour