The latest news of the city of lights and our photo tours.

Superb lights in Paris

In France, the Spring of 2013 has been quite dreary: lots of rain and chilly temperatures far below the average. Howevever, sometimes you have nice surprises when the sun manages to peek from underneath the layers of clouds. On that day, the light was perfect in the Louvre courtyard as it is U shaped and turned towards the sunset. There was even a rainbow over the main building.

Love padlocks in danger

Love padlocks are a recent tradition in Paris. They can be found mainly on the Archevêché bridge and the bridge of Arts. They make a colorful and emotional subject for photographers.

They are generally pictured on-site, but according to this interview (in French), photographer Gilles Ouaki has a totally different approach.

He cuts the most interesting padlocks from the bridge of Arts to bring them in his studio and takes pictures of the broken padlocks there.

A quite selfish approach, if you're asking me.

Brand new Paris Photo Tours website

On the surface, little seems to have changed, but the website has been entirely redone to be compatible with tablets and mobile phones.

This way, our clients that have already arrived in Paris will be able to check the website and contact us directly from it.

Snow in Paris

There is only snow once every two years in Paris. So when a heavy snowfall takes place on a Friday evening, every photographer in the area - including me - rushes to Paris on the Saturday morning.

Summer photo tour

A nice photo tour on a bright, then a bit overcast and stormy summer day. Beautiful lighting on the banks of the Seine and good news for photographers: the scaffoldings on the conciergerie are gone!

Passages tour on a rainy day

On this day of December, the weather was stormy and rainy, a good opportunity to make a tour of the passages and galeries of Paris.

After having lunch in the passage des Panoramas, the weather cleared, allowing us to go and see the Galeries Laffayettes Christmas decorations.

Montmartre street art

Early morning tour in Montmartre today. A good occasion to search for street art, which is on every wall in this area. Our findings: some very nice Space Invaders, Oak & Prop creations and Grego's masks.

Eiffel tower carousels

A night tour led us to the vicinity of the Eiffel tower. 

There is a carousel on either side of the Iena bridge and they can be a nice addition to the tower in night shots. 
But you need to be at the right place and at the right time to capture it. 

Exploring medieval Paris

The weather is colder than last week, with a beautiful lighting, but some rain showers.
I spent the afternoon  looking for shelters against the rain and searching for medieval buildings on the right bank of the Seine. 

And I found some nice ones. 
I also found space invaders and street art in Le Marais. 

We may finally end up with a medieval Paris photo tour and a Paris street art photo tour, who knows?

Paris in the heat

Last Saturday, Paris was under a small heat wave. 
We had chosen this day to make a day photo tour, including a long walk, and suffered from the heat. 

This enabled us to find subjects suited to the heat such as people bathing in the Trocadero fountains.