Montmartre photo tour

Montmartre is a very special place in downtown Paris. It has a village and artist spirit and offers many opportunities for photographers.

Typical itinerary

  • Place des Abesses
  • I Love You wall
  • Montmartre carrousel
  • Louise Michel garden and stairs
  • Maurice Utrillo stairs
  • Sacré Coeur Basilica
  • Sacré Coeur tower (optional)
  • Place du Tertre
  • Pink house
  • Montmartre vineyards
  • Lapin Agile cabaret
  • Dalida Square
  • Moulin de la Galette
  • Villa Léandre

Time of day

Day tour

Night tour

Our advice

This tour aims at showing the main highlights of Montmartre. It can be ended with a nice meal or drink in one of the bars or restaurants located down in the butte. It can be made a night tour, but with a specific itinerary ending by the Sacré Coeur.


Day or night tour (approx. 3 hours) € 120

Prices are per active photographer in a group. 
You can bring along a non-photographer friend for free.

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